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Hydra Whitening Injector price | Mesotherapy Gun | Mesotherapy Microneedle Pen

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Derma Pen 2 in 1 Nano Mesotherapy Microneedle Gun

It’s an advanced skin micro-needling device that works to tighten, lift and rejuvenate the skin.

The unique spring-loaded needle tip of the Derma pen uses an automated needling motion that minimizes pain and discomfort, while better promoting an even absorption of topical serums, such as PRP, hyaluronic acid, hydrogenated collagen, Vitamin C and peptides into the skin.Water electric microneedle is effective in minimizing pore size .

All liquid cosmetics after certificate could apply on face until skin dermis could be apply by microneedling.
Different beauty serum function could reach different treatment effect.

After treatment could apply special calm mask to anti-swell and help to recover.

Improve Skin Problems

Hair growth, Wrinkle removal, Freckle, Hair growth, Wrinkle removal, Freckle

Technical Advantages:

Water beauty = hyaluronic acid + many beauty options.
Import beauty materials and escort them with safety.
Non surgical, minimally invasive, quick and easy, ready to go.
Add water to effectively replenish cheeks, lips, neck, chest, back of the hand and other required water parts.
For freckles, dark circles, acne, small pores, improve skin inflammation.
Improves firmness, improves on the eyes, lifts sagging face and neck.

Comparison of two Products

First generation
Does not dispense liquid automatically
Second generation
Drains fluid at startup
liquid stable

Adjust the length of the needle

Laser aiming point operation –more precise


Step 1: the pin is mounted on the trough and is pulled out.
Step 2: The nanociystalline Shuiguang head and machine combination.
Step 3: The needle buckle into the connection card slot
Step 4: All installed, long press the SPEED button to turn on, adjust the speed to use

Beauty salon, Home, Training institutions, Medical beauty department.


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