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Intensive care ventilator | SIARETRON 4000 ICU | Modalities ( IPPV, IPPV-AST , PCV-PRVC , SIMV+PS-SPONT, PSV , CPAP )

code: 960400
rev. 3 – 20/06/2008



Main characteristics:

The Siaretron 4000 ICU electronic lung ventilator is equipped with
a TFT 15” colour monitor displaying the curves of pressure, flow,
volume, the loops of breathing parameters, the trends and the
ventilatory parameters.
The ventilator is suitable for adult, children and newborn patients;
complete with flow trigger and pressure one. It is equipped with the
most modern ventilatory methods: controlled volume ventilation
(IPPV), controlled pressure ventilation (PCV), SIMV, assisted
pressure ventilation (PSV), CPAP, non-invasive ventilation NIV and
APRV, drug nebulizer, BILEVEL CPAP, SIGH and Manual.
Siaretron 4000 ICU is supplied with back up long lasting batteries
and its software can be updated for new modes and last generation
ventilatory strategies.

Dimensions (portable version)    410 x 310 x 350 mm (W x H x D)
Dimensions (trolley version)        Not available
Weight (portable version)            About 10 Kgs
Weight (trolley version)                Not available
Relative Humidity (use)                30 – 95% RH
Working temperature From         10 to 40 C°

Use destination High performance Intensive care ventilator, equipped with 15” TFT
colour monitor for adults, children and newborns (weight > 3.5 kg)
Operation principle

• Time Cycled at constant volume
• Pressure cycled
• Microprocessor controlled flow
• Spontaneous breath with integrated valve

Ventilation modalities


Breathing rate   From 5 to 150 bpm

Inspiratory Time; Expiratory Time (maximum, minimum)

Ti min = 0.08 s (minimum inspiratory time)
Ti max = 9.6 s (maximum inspiratory time)
Te min = 0.08 s (minimum expiratory time)
Te max = 9.6 s (maximum expiratory time)

SIMV Breathing rate                From 0 to 149 bpm
SIMV Inspiratory time            From 0.1 to 2.0 sec.
Tidal volume Adult                    From 100 to 3000 ml
Paediatric / Neonatal               From 10 to 300 ml
I:E ratio                                           1:4 , 1:3 , 1:2 , 1:1 ; 2:1 ; 3:1 , 4:1
Inspiratory pause                       From 0 to 50 % of the inspiratory time
Inspiratory pressure limit      From 0 to 80 mbar
PEEP                                                 From 0 to 30 mbar
BILEVEL CPAP                            Pressure, low level: 0 – 35 mbar
Time, low level:                           From 1 to 100 seconds
Pressure, high level:                 5 – 40 mbar
Time, high level:                         From 1 to 100 seconds

Minute volume with 1:2 ratio Max. 40 l/min.
Accuracy on Tidal Volume
+/- 20% of real reading above 100ml
+/- 20ml of real reading below 100ml
O2 concentration Adjustable from 21 to 100% with electronic integrated mixer
Trigger Pressure trigger: adjustable from off; 1 to 9 mbar under PEEP level
Flow trigger: adjustable from off; 1 to 15 l/min
Trigger detective method Through sensor (pressure or flow)
Max. inspiratory flow From 1 to 100 l/min
SIGH Selectable rate
Selectable volume adjustable in % of set Tidal Volume
Drug nebulizer Selectable to 6 l/min with automatic compensation on forced
ventilation modes and dedicated output
Supply pressure O2 – Aria: pressure included between 280 kPa and 600 kPa (2,8 –
6 bar)
Max flow requested from ventilator: 120 l/min
Patient circuit Double-hose, non rebreathing
Other controls Button 100% O2 x 5 min
INSP Block and EXP Block (max. 20 seconds)
Expandability Software upgradeable for future modalities
Dead space compensation Automatic compensation of mechanical and patient circuit dead
Control Around 2 l/min
Minute volume Same as set minute volume


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