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Walking stick | Kaiyang Crutch Large Pairs Model-KY925L | 50KG bearing | 135 to 155 cm

KY925L Crutches are reliable and adjustable walking aids designed to provide support and assist with mobility. They are lightweight, sturdy, and feature comfortable hand grips and arm pads for optimal user comfort.

Original price was: ₨10,000.Current price is: ₨9,330.


• Come in Pairs
• Available in Different Sizes
• Adjustable Height
Size 1: Suitable for individuals between 137 cm (4’6″) – 157 cm (5’2″)
Size 2: Suitable for individuals 157 cm (5’2″) – 179 cm (5’10”)

• Available in 2 Sizes
• Comfortable
• Durable
• Adjustable Height

Overall Height Size 1: 94 – 114 cm / 37″ – 44.9″ (Adjustable)
Size 2: 115 – 136 cm / 45.3″ – 53.5″ (Adjustable)
Material Aluminium
Overall Weight 1 kg
Safe Working Load 100 kg
Country Of Origin Made in China
Warranty NA


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Elbow Crutches | KY933L Elbow Crutches

Original price was: ₨2,500.Current price is: ₨2,200.
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A forearm crutch (also commonly known as an elbow crutch) has a cuff at the top to go around the forearm. It is used by inserting the arm into a cuff and holding the grip. … Forearm crutches are the dominant type used in Europe, whether for short or long term use.

Beurer IH58 Nebulizer Machine

(0 Reviews)
The IH 58 Nebulizer is an essential medical device that is developed especially for individuals who suffer from cold and other respiratory illnesses. These nebulizers are designed with a high proportion of respirable particles. Now experience the ultra-quiet way of nebulizing with this device.

Beurer IH 50 Nebuliser

(0 Reviews)
  • Beurer IH 50 nebulizer, Nebulisation with vibrating membrane technology
  • Ideal when traveling! The nebulizer can be operated with batteries or with the mains part; it can therefore be used flexibly.
  • The operation is very simple and the device is quiet.

Beurer IH 18 Nebuliser Nebulizer

(0 Reviews)
  • Compressed-air technology
  • - For treating the upper and lower airways, colds, asthma, respiratory diseases
  • - A high proportion of respirable particles
  • - Short inhalation time
  • - Working pressure: approx. 0.8 to 1.45 bar
  • - Extensive accessories
  • - Can be disinfected

AccuSure Mesh Nebulizer Machine

(0 Reviews)
  • Portable and easy to operate
  • High nebulization rate, perfect mist
  • Silent operation & superior efficiency
  • Battery operated ideal for traveling
  • Low water level sensing
  • Automatically turn off
  • Can be used with USB Port

Certeza BM 307 - Digital Blood Pressure Monitor - Wrist Type - BP Apparatus - BP Machine (White & Grey)

Original price was: ₨4,500.Current price is: ₨3,999.
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The Certeza BM 307 wrist device is  appointed with a long list of features including automatic switch off, 120 sets of memory, high accuracy, large display, easy battery recharge, Oscillometric measuring...

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