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Bluetooth Digital Stethoscope – Electronic Stethoscope price in Pakistan



New generation Bluetooth digital core stethoscope, Exclusive software Easily record, save and share detailed recordings of patient visualization sound sound waveforms and sound spectra for multiple, users providing real-time remote viewing.


Product Name: Electronic Stethoscope
Model Number:DST-9260
Chestpiece: Stainless Steel
Binaurals: Stainless Steel
Power: Electric
Ear Tip: PVC
Ring: Ret Ring
Total Length:    780 mm/30.7〃
Diaphragm Diameter:4.5cm/1.77〃
1) TPE cord, soft and durable.
2) Gold Plated four section earphone plug, not easy to oxidize, less signal loss.
3) Nickel plated zinc alloy hearing head, coat cold proof ring.

4) Precision pickup circuit, amplifying weak signal.
5) No battery, connected to mobile phone, plug and play.
6) Remote auscultation can be realized by dialing the telephone.

Net weight: 155 g (without battery)

Brand Name: HMYL

Note: APP download is only applicable to Bluetooth 5.0 and above devices.


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