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Fetal Stethoscope – Fetal Heart Stethoscope For Pregnant Woman

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Professional Dual Head Double Stethoscope Medical Portable Equipment Fetal Heart Stethoscope For Pregnant Woman.



Item name: Dual-head stethoscope
Application: Arm Blood Pressure stethoscope
Properties: Medical Material and Accessories
Head: Dual-head
Fit for: Blood Pressure Monitor with Stethoscope
Material: Aluminum alloy + PVC
Color: pink; purple; blue; green; gray; black (optional)
Overall length: Approx.75cm
Head large diameter about 45mm, head small diameter 30mm.

Detail: Large Flat Head Diameter = 45mm.
For adult diagnosis Small Flat Head Diameter = 30mm
For children auscultation Large Bell-shaped Head Diameter = 33mm
Medium Bell-shaped Head Diameter = 27mm
Infant Bell-shaped Head Diameter = 20mm

1. High quality, durable, Zinc alloy head, strong corrosion resistance.
2. Full copper ear hanging, high-grade material, good sound quality.
3. Y-tube design, more scientific and more accurate.
4. 5 way convertible design: large diaphragm, small diaphragm, adult size bell, medium size bell, infant size bell.
5. Adjustable Ear hanging with comfortable silicone eartip.

1. Listen to fetal heart sounds heart rate.
2. Listen to the gastrointestinal motility.
3. Listen to the sound of the lungs.
4. Listen to heart rate blood vessels of the noise.
5. Large bell-shaped head can auscultate.
6. Medium bell-shaped head for narrow areas, such as ribs and other narrow positions.
7. Small bell-shaped head, baby low sound quality, child buzzing sensitive.

How to use:
The versatile stethoscope with large and small size flat listen to block, mounted on double-headed drum can turn on which includes a very sophisticated anti-stem valve Ottawa
1. First, the binaural earpiece into ear.
2. Gently pat move the diaphragm, you can hear the sound, which can determine the stethoscope is in a standby state
3. If you do not hear the sound vibrations of the diaphragm hand shot, will listen to head to 180 °, you hear a click, indicating the position, facing the opposite side
4. Then, hand pat patch, and you should hear the sound of the vibration, which means that the stethoscope has been set up stand
5. Then you can use the stethoscope checked the patient.
6. The method of operation switch to listen to the chest when ditto head


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Fetal Stethoscope - Fetal Heart Stethoscope For Pregnant Woman

Original price was: ₨19,600.Current price is: ₨19,500.
(0 Reviews)

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