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ETN offers high-quality, high-grade stainless steel dental forceps and instruments at the best value to meet the needs of your dental practice. ETN Forceps and Instrument are ergonomic and lightweight to provide the perfect grip to the dental professional. These forceps and Instruments are polished to mirror finish providing maximum corrosion resistance.

Rely On Us for dental forceps and instruments – all backed by the guarantee of quality, convenience, and overall satisfaction. Our specially designed ergonomic handles, precision, and superior quality help to minimize tissue damage during dental procedure.

ETN Single Ended Sickle Probe – 2 (Fig.23) is used with its sharp point to enhance tactile sensation and to determine the presence of tooth decay on tooth enamel.


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Helmer's HLF105 Low Temperature(-15C to -30C )Laboratory freezer

Original price was: ₨359,800.Current price is: ₨348,900.
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SDI Luna Nano Hybrid Composite Kit

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Nanohybrid technology Filler particle size effects the aesthetic and mechanical properties of composites1. Luna contains a hybrid of nano and micron sized particles to achieve optimal aesthetics and strength. Nano particles assist in polishability and the maintenance of surface smoothness over time. Micron sized particles contribute to strength and durability. Luna’s hybrid filler makes it ideal for anterior and posterior restorations.

Sdi Wave Flowable Composite A2

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Wave is the ideal versatile fluoride releasing, flowable, radiopaque, light cured composite. Wave is directly injected into the cavity preparation for maximizing adaptation to the preparation. The Wave shade range consists of 14 popular shades

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