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Prime Dent Dental Composite Kit 7 Syringes



Prime Dental Hybrid Composite Kit is a restorative kit containing composite resin, etchant and a bonding agent. 7 syringes of 4.5g each, of visible light cure composite are included in the restorative kit. Also, a bottle of echant  and bonding adhesive  are present in the kit. Prime Dental Hybrid Composite can be used in class III and class V restorations. It has limited use in class I restorations and can be used in certain premolar teeth. It is selectively indicated for Class IV restorations where esthetics is of high importance.


  • Hybrid Composite.
  • Visible Light Cure.
  • Restorative Kit.
  • Radiopaque.


  • Prime Dental Composite Kit is a Highly filled, light-curing, resin hybrid.
  • Used in both anterior and posterior cavity preparations.
  • It is a convenient to use & comes in different shade.


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