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The table type sterilizers are safely auto controlled, which are designed for the dental clinics, hospitals, school lab, scientific research institutions and laboratory. And mostly suitable for sterilizing of surgical, dental and eye instruments, glassware medicine, culture medium and biological dressing, food, etc.


• Standard Class B with three times vacuum and drying, the remaining temperature of sterilized instrumentis less than 0.2%.

• LCD display working status, touch keys.

• The vacuum data can reach -0.8bar, it fits various instrument, including package, unpackaged, solid, hollow, multi apertures and inset pipes. It makes sure the instrument can be sterilized completely.

• Fully computer controlled LCD display bright show. The interface is modularized panel for easy operation.

• It is installed with BOWIE&DICK which measures the penetration of water steam.

• It has vacuum test which can make sure the ability of vacuum testing. Fast and independent steam generator.

• Built-in mini printer which can record the sterilizing information.

• Equipped with Safety valve, Safety lock door system, Pressure lock system, Pressure or temperature overload protection, Alarm system. • It inactivates the HIV, HBV, BSE, and bacillus efficiently.

• This product is designed for open water tank, water purification, sewage tank separation, convenient and intuitive.


High Quality Mingtai Sun Class B Cost Effective Portable Small Dental Autoclave


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