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ChoiceMMed Hand Held Pulse Oximeter – MD300M

The MD300M is packed full of features, yet at the same time is very easy to use and you can select the features you need simply by using the up, down and select buttons.



he ChoiceMMed Hand Held Pulse Oximeter is designed to replace the patient monitor as this can be used for bedide monitoring in hospitals and clinics
It is a practical low cost solution for small clinics
The device is equipped with a high resolution 2.8 inch colour TFT screen which displays SPO2, PR, Perfusion Index (PI), Pulse Bar & Waveform
The device allows you to adjust the back light and sound and is suitable for adult and paediatric patients
It allows for 72 hours data storage and review
The device which requires 3 AA alkaline batteries
It is supplied with Medview software for data analysis
The Pulse Oximeter comes with 1 year of manufacturers warranty
Technical Specifications:
Display: 2.8″ TFT Screen
Data Transmission: Via USB
Waveform: Pulse bar, Plethysmogram
Brightness: Adjustable 1 level
Parameters Measured: SPO2, PR and PI
Power Supply: 3 pcs AA alkaline batteries
SpO2 Measurement range: 70%00%
SpO2 Resolution: 1%
SpO2 Measurement Accuracy: 80%00%: %; 70%9%: %; 0%9%: no definition
Pulse Rate Measurement range: 3035 BPM
Pulse Rate Measurement Accuracy: %bpm or 20% (The larger are applied)
SpO2, PR, Probe off, Finger out, Batteryow indicator with audio & visual alarm
Data Record: 72 hours


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